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Florida Topic Guides
Brand Amplified Sponsorship

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Florida Topic Guide
Brand Amplified Sponsorship

Why spend $1,000’s on your own marketing when you can collaborate with members of your community and 6x your marketing reach by pulling resources at a fraction of the cost? When you sponsor a city guide, 100% of your monthly spend is put into a Shared Marketing Campaign that amplifies your reach in direct marketing to bring more views and clicks to your business.

Bringing the world to your doorstep

Here’s how it works

First, we write an editorial featuring your business to help visitors relate to your brand and to build credibility and brand trust.


Next, we place your brand in a top ad position on a Florida Topic Guide on FloridaSmart.com to showcase your business as an influencer in the community.


Then we amplify the marketing putting 100% of your monthly cost combined with 5 other members of the community, to spread the word to hundreds of media sites every month with new content and articles about the topic featuring your brand.

We drive 6 times the traffic that your own advertising would bring. Plus it showcases your business in the community with a top sponsorship on the topic guide along with a featured ad position and/or mention in monthly articles that are published to bring more brand recognition and create influencers in the community.

Showcasing the Stories of Floridians
and the Businesses, Organizations and
Places we Love and Promoting them across the internet on hundreds of partner media platforms

 This is a Premium Sponsorship Advertisement Placement with Collaborative Amplified Marketing.

Hurry – Only 6 spots are available per guide.

Florida Topical Guides

Brand Amplified Sponsorship with Collaborative Marketing Promotions are only $500/month
Our Digital Agency runs these same campaigns for individual clients starting at $1,297/month.
Join a Community Guide, collaborate your marketing funds and SAVE 1000’s.
And we manage everything for you at no additional cost.

Topic Guides

  • Guide to the Arts
  • School Guide
  • Wedding Guide
  • Brewery Guide
  • Florida Wineries
  • Historical Homes Guide
  • Retirement Guide
  • Golfing Communities Guide
  • Boating Communities Guide
  • Shopping in Florida
  • Beaches Guide
  • Guide to Florida Parks
  • Attractions Guide
  • Adventurer’s Guide

  • Gambling in Florida
  • Animal Lover’s Guide
  • LGBT+ Guide
  • Florida Entrepreneurs
  • Health & Medical Guide
  • Dentists Guide
  • Doctors Guide
  • Lawyers Guide
  • Fitness Guide
  • Nerdy Florida
  • Fall Festival Guide
  • Holiday Season Guide
  • Events & Festival Guide

Community Topic Guides include:

  • Top of Page Placement
  • Clickable Button Style
  • Updated Monthly to match your current promos
  • Amplified Marketing Campaigns 6x  your Spend
  • Directly promoting to your target demographics
  • Ad & Marketing Campaigns done for you to bring more clients
  • Includes Featured Editorial Full Page Spread to showcase your business and build trust

Our Florida Topic Guides are the most comprehensive guides for the State of Florida. We are committed to connecting the people of Florida and Visitors alike with the communities, innovators, business owners, products, services, and happenings around the state.  – FloridaSmart Team

We look forward to putting you on top and showcasing your brand