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We are building Community Influencers in a collaborative effort to grow communities and content through the businesses and organizations who are the heart of Florida.

As a Religious Affiliated Organization, the best way to connect with people in your community is through content. As a local Content Influencer Sponsor, you will gain unbeatable reputation building and share your message better than any other form of advertising.


Showcase Your Commitment to Community

As the contributor, sponsor or source for content in an ongoing blog column, your values and message will be brought to light with blog content that connects directly with your community.

Here’s How it Works

1. Select a Topic or Niche
We work with you to find the right niche to reach your target audience. This can be related to your religion and beliefs, or just a fun column in your community that will connect and grow your influence.

2. We Start a Blog Column
Once we determine your column theme and your voice, we create a blog column that will be compelling and interesting to our readers. Published on within a local community to start reaching your audience.

You or your brand will be the author, contributor, or source of the articles while our expert writers ghost write for you and keep the content flowing on a continuous basis.

3. Growth, Influence, Authority
Because our editors write well-researched articles that are built to last and are promoted for the content, the column continues to grow over time expanding your reach and growing your online credibility and brand recognition.

Every ongoing blog column is included in our Brand Amplified Marketing to expand the reach and draw more viewers to the column. It is cross-promoted in our Church & Religion Guide and featured in video and social media content.

4. Trust & Credibility
We create content that our readers will love and engage with a link to your website in a purely natural way. This builds a trust and lasting connection with your target audience and google! Your blog will not fall into the pit of online content that never gets seen and loses its SEO value. By creating an ongoing column, you will be seen, heard and valued.

Sample Blog Columns for Religious Organizations in Florida

Florida Pay it Forward

Florida Stories of being Neighborly

Florida High 5 Blog featuring 5 positivities in various topics

Celebrating the Christian Holidays in Florida

What Would Jesus Do? Blog about doing the right thing. 

Holiday Crafts with Kids

Celebrating the [religion] Holidays in Florida

Weekly Inspirational Blog

We work with you to build a column that will attract your target audience an bring a credible and likable voice to you and your business. 

Why spend a fortune on ads when you can be the contributor of a column that is more likable to the readers, gains their trust and grows your influence and likability long term.

Brand Amplified Marketing

Once we have 3-5 articles in the blog column, we start promoting it with our BAM (Brand Amplified Marketing) approach to hundreds of high ranking partner news and media sites to bring hundreds to thousand times more views. We include your columnn in a video and shoutouts on social. By promoting your blog column rather than directly promoting your business, you will see a higher ROI.

With your brand as the author, contributor, or source, you will be featured on every single page as the column expert. You become the influencer, the brand that is recognized, and a brand that becomes more trusted, and a business that gets more clicks and more clients.

Our Brand Amplified Marketing is done by our expert marketing team at no additional cost to you to promote the column to bring more visibility to your brand. Similar services by marketing agencies cost over $1,000/month for the same exposure. As part of our community, we promote you through your sponsored column to help you gain more visibility and credibility with your target audience.

This is ad campaigns done for you as a partner in our community. 


Florida Church & Religion
Influencer Content Marketing F.A.Q.s

Why not just continue adding content to my own site?

You should! Ongoing content is vital for being found and increasing your SEM goals. With a column on Florida Smart, visitors are directed to your website for more information. It is a win-win combination to gain more clicks and SEO value to your own content. And you get the added benefit of ongoing content and marketing campaigns bringing more eyes to your content.

What are the options for backlinks?

We have 4 ways to include your anchor links in our content.

Contributor/Author - we ghost write the article in your name to build your online credibility and presence. Your link will be in the footer with credentials of every article.

Source - we write ongoing content from information we obtain from your website and include a link back to the article or page on your site to build credibility for your expertise.

Inline Mentions - Similar to Source, we link directly to your website with a mention of your expertise, product or service.

Sponsor - Best for larger companies who want to establish a presence across a local area or niche. Every article includes a "brought to you by" or "sponsored by" or "created in partnership with", type of link.

What does it mean that you will ghost write?

Ghost writing is just like hiring your own backend writer who writes content for you or your business. We do all the work. We work with you for any ideas or data you'd like to include or we can create ideas for you. We can also write content based on content on your website to draw clicks back to your local content. We have only the highest echelon of writing talent and manage the whole process from start to finish keeping your content flowing and relevant. 

What if I want to write my own content?

We have very strict rules and guidelines and do not accept guest posts. Our Content Manager and Marketing team can take your content and re-spin it to fit keywords, anchor text, and target audience on our website with a link back to your site's original content.

When our writers create content for you, it stays on target and is timely, keyword optimized, and written to engage and accentuate your goals to build your influence. We take the stress off of you to come up with topics, write compelling content, create clickable titles, and optimize for SEO. And we keep it flowing on regular basis so you don't have to worry about deadlines.

Can I approve the content and help with ideas?

Absolutely. We want to work directly with you to create your voice and showcase your expertise. We can create a complete customized content plan for you or you can work with us to come up with the ideas.

You have the option of approving all content before it goes live. We have deadlines so w appreciate a quick response. Once you become more familiar with our quality of work, you can choose to have your content automatically published. You will always receive notification and links to each and every piece of content for your brand.

Why do you only offer a 12 month minimum contract?

This is not a guest post one and done plan. We are creating influencers across communities in Florida. It requires a long-term commitment to growing your online presence, influence and credibility.

All content remains live for at least 5 years provided the links to your site remain valid. However, without ongoing content, the column will not continue to grow and may fall in rankings over time. By keeping content flowing with a blog in your community, your influence with build month to month and create a following and showcase authority.

Our influencer packages are for companies who are looking for a long-term approach to reaching their audience in a natural way where they can connect and bring their voice to the community.

How long will it take to get results?

As soon as the first article is published, you will start to gain both an SEO boost and build a credibility for your business.

After 2-3 months of articles, we start to cross promote the column across our website, other websites, social media and videos. This creates an exponential growing affect and is a value worth over $1000.

As the articles within your column increase, it becomes a column that people come to and connect with you. This takes longer and is a long-term strategy to build your influence and authority, while each article will receive SEO benefits.

What is the cost?

We offer 4 tiers for growing your online presence and building credibility and authority behind your brand name. Monthly options start at $425 per month with annual discounts available.

This is not a one and done guest post service. We are building influence and authority with high quality content on a high ranking blog. Compare with advertising costs and marketing campaigns, there is no better value for building your brand and you get marketing and ad promos as part of our community included.

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