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Our Brand Amplified Marketing (BAM) Approach


At FloridaSmart, we are all about local. We know local. We love local. And we will help your local business be seen through multiple holistic techniques. We are proven masters at ranking content with our Florida Magazine that includes Business Editorials and Listings.  In today’s competitive world, it is extremely hard to get noticed online and grow your client base with big businesses buying out the top search positions for the best keywords and other local companies doing the same SEO content.

The good news is, searchers are getting more specific in their searches and they are searching for your business in specific local areas. With the right approach, you can gain much more exposure and massively increase your ROI.

What makes us better? We build a monthly campaign that creates SEO content across hundreds of high ranking partner sites and platforms across the web. When your business starts to show up across hundreds of websites with mentions and links every month, your ranking on google drastically improves.

How does it work? Every month we write content with SEO targeting your specific niches, products or services to grow your exposure in the areas you want to grow. Then we publish it across hundreds of partner sites and platforms to increase your credibility.

Increased Exposure = More Clicks = More Clients

Florida Brand Optimized Marketing Impact

Our Brand Amplified Marketing (BAM) approach is based on Exposure in all circles. 

Branding that Creates Trust

With our Florida Brand Building methods, we intertwine branding on your website, social media platforms, videos, podcasts, articles and blogging, campaigns, and SEO using holistic methods that bring results.

Amplified Mass Distribution

Every single month, we create a shoutout campaign to promote across hundreds of partner media websites expanding your visibility overnight. We help you establish your brand in your local sector of the market and become an influencer in your community.

Marketing & Social Media

We specialize in Content Marketing. We know you are busy and keeping up with content can be tough. We create content and can manage your social media content and engagement. Keep your social media active, engaging and interesting with our social marketing services.

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